Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted their annual AWS Summit Singapore this year at the Singapore Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre. This year, the event was running for 2 days.

Day 1 - AWS Tech Fest
Day 2 - AWS Summit

Day 1 - AWS Tech Fest
The tech fest is supposed to be more technical based talks for developers, engineers and those working with AWS. Indeed, the tickets for the first day ran out few days before the second day's tickets ran out.

There were more technical workshops on Day 1 and also exam preparation workshops for the AWS Solutions Architect Exam.

I did not attend Day 1 but I heard it was fun and many freebies were given out!

Day 2 - AWS Summit
Day 2 had more workshops and

Queue for AWS Summit Singapore at 0730 - Yue Hern

I arrived at around 07:30 AM, I thought I was early, but I was wrong! I was already way behind.

Early Bird Gift Redemption card - Yue Hern

But luckily, I was still considered an 'early-bird'. I was given an Early-Bird Gift Redemption card! I believe I queued for around 30 minutes and it was finally my turn.

My QR Code to enter the event - Yue Hern

We were given entry QR-Codes, to enter, we just had to let the staff scan our QR code and they will let us know which counter we would go to collect our tags. Super fast! There were around 10 counters there that were printing tags non-stop. Very efficient way to validate thousands of entries.

Event Hall

AWS Summit Singapore Event Hall - Yue Hern
AWS Summit Singapore Event Hall - Yue Hern


At around 9AM, the first event was the keynote.

AWS Summit Singapore Keynote - Yue Hern
Olivier Klein
Peter DeSantis, Vice President, AWS Global Infrastructure and Customer Support 

Many people gathered in the main hall for the keynote. Speakers include Mr. Peter DeSantis, Vice President of Global Infrastructure at AWS. He leads the AWS teams responsible for designing the datacenters, servers and network that underpin AWS services and deploying and operating this infrastructure worldwide as well as the customer facing organizations providing support for AWS products.

His talk included showing off all the AWS products in the different categories such as Storage, Databases, Compute, etc. He also talked about partners using AWS and all the sponsors for the event.

Chua Chwee Koh
Chua Chwee Koh, Chief, Group Technology and Operations, Certis 

The next speaker was Mr. Chua Chwee Koh, Chef, Group Technology and Operations at Certis, a physical security company. Certis started in 1958 as a sub unit of the Singapore Police Force and became a statutory board, Cisco in 1972. Cisco was privatized in 2005. They were awarded 28 patents related to the use of Technology. They safeguard the world's leading airports such as Changi Airport, Sydney and Qatar airports.

Also, Changi Airport was ranked the highest for security at the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Worldwide ranking for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

They are also the largest CCTV install in Singapore.

He talked about how Cisco uses AWS technology in security.

Argus is Certis' Next Generation Officer Support System and they plan to roll-out new features into the application every 2 weeks.

They also plan to migrate all their operations to AWS.


That is all for the keynote! Will post another post on the workshops I attended.