Went to the Tanjong Katong Road branch of Eng’s wanton noodle. I think this restaurant serves one of the better or if not the best wanton I have tried.Along the same street, there is also another branch called Eng’s Char Siew wanton noodle. I haven’t tried that yet, but will go try the other one when I have the time and maybe come up with a comparison.



Ordering is quite easy, just fill up the form with the provided pencil and pass to the order counter. Prices are relatively cheap, considering they are quite famous. I ordered one big one small both dry and a plate of fried wanton.



Maybe the first thing you notice when you sit down at the restaurant is this bottle of chili which has the warning label pictured above.

Wanton Noodle


The noodles are not the typical normal wanton noodle that you get from hawker stalls, they have the chewy texture that you don’t get from other stalls! Really nice to eat. But don’t put too much chili or the the taste of the noodles will get overwhelmed by the chili.

Char Siew
The char siew is a little on the sweeter side. How good can char siew get? I think the star of the show are the noodles.Soup


(The wantons are in the noodle not the soup)The soup they serve are also not the typical soy sauce soup you get at hawker stalls. The soup they serve tasted more like the Japanese soup you get with your cold soba noodles. Not really expecting that but still very special.

Fried Wantons


The fried wantons are really great too. They are very crispy! It is served with some mayonnaise on top of lettuce. The price of the wantons are also relatively cheap as compared to those served at the hawker centres. Pork Lard
FREE FLOW PORK LARD!! Hope more stalls will do this.

Overall thoughts
I think it was a great experience here. Cheap and very good wanton noodles! Would definitely come again if I am nearby. The noodles are really special.I would advice adding the chili slowly as it is really spicy!